'Otai is a Tongan drink and it's so much fun to serve! I love the rind punch bowl, and not just because I don't have a real punch bowl here. And as much fun as it was to serve, it was even better to drink. It was perfect after a work out learning a native hula dance. I love the chunky texture of the drink and the slight crunch of the watermelon in there

The sugar in this varies too much to post any specific amount. The sugar in the fruit itself, and how much lime you use, which fruit you use, and of course your own personal tastes. You will want to either use a seedless watermelon or cut it in to cubes and remove them yourself. I find the later more work, but I prefer the flavor of watermelons with seeds so I usually go that route anyway. The drink is supposed to be chunky, not blended. Then it would be a smoothie, delicious still, but not otai. 

1 large watermelon
1 - 2 (14 oz) can(s) coconut milk
1 c. Lime juice
Sugar to taste
And other fruit you want to add, mangoes and strawberries are good

Cut the watermelon in half and slice neatly around the edge if you want it to look smooth at the top. Gently remove the inside of the watermelon to another bowl. Make sure and not scrap too far in to the bottom if you plan on serving it in the watermelon rind. Grate the watermelon so it stays chunky. 

In the watermelon add a cup or two of the grated watermelon, a can of coconut milk, and the sugar and stir to combine. Keep grating the watermelon and any other fruits you want until the liquid come almost to the top. Taste along the way in case it needs more sugar, coconut milk, etc. 

My watermelon was really large and so the coconut milk didn't go as far as I wanted in it. If I had a second can on hand I would have added it. As for the sugar, I mentioned above I didn't want to specify an amount for various reasons. My watermelon was really large but not very sweet, I used 2 1/2 cups of sugar. 

Original Picture - Post updated 8/26/2018


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