Insalata di riso

Welcome to this week's episode of Sunday Funday where we are focusing on the topic of Rice. It reminded me of a discussion I saw on Facebook years ago that prompted this recipe.  I had seen a discussion about rice, obviously. It was a regular thing in a group I was in; the group would post a single ingredient and everyone posted their favorite thing to do with the aforementioned ingredient. What first came to mind was my recently made risotto, but that's not really anything new; instead, I posted burrito bowls with Spanish rice. However, someone else commented with Italian rice salad. Rice salad? What is this potentially foreign-sounding salad? I googled it to be sure and it turns out it is a thing.

The salad is a balance between however you like it, and a specific set of optional additions. It’s rice, obviously, but filled with so many delicious additions. After the rice, there is a delicious vinaigrette and tons of different vegetable items. Particularly pickled items, lots of pickled items.  Then there is ham, eggs, and tuna. I’m allergic to tuna so I’m leaving that out. Sorry, Italy. Finish it off with a nice dressing. It looks like a lot of ingredients. Because it is. But if you happen to have them on hand, it’s a great recipe to try. 

This recipe is phenomenal for both the summer when you don’t really want to heat up the kitchen or eat a heavy meal and also when you have a bit of this and that in the fridge to use up. You really don’t need a lot of the individual items since there is such a variety of them. I decided to make this recipe when I realized I had every single one of the extra items that go into it. 

So I do something different when I cook my rice, I misunderstood how to make sushi rice a few years ago and added the sugar and vinegar mixture to the water before cooking instead of afterward. It wasn’t right, and yet it was. What I mean is that is not how you make sushi but it tastes amazing. I’ve done it for a while with rice since then. It makes it kinda punchy and is just delicious. For the vinegar, I usually love all things apple cider vinegar but in this one, I used a German 13-herb vinegar that just has the perfect undertones for this recipe. 

Sunday Funday

Insalata de Riso Recipe

2 ¼ c. parboiled rice

2 c. + 2 Tbsp. water

2 Tbsp. Vinegar

1/2 tsp. salt

½ c. ham, chopped

1 Tbsp. capers

¼ c. olives, sliced

2 green onions, sliced

¼ red onion, sliced

10 cherry tomatoes, cut in half

1 carrot, minced

¼ c. peas, thawed

2 oz. hard cheese, grated

7 oz. artichoke hearts, drained

2 Tbsp. chopped, cornichon

2 hard-boiled eggs, cut into wedges

1 long pepper, sliced

¼ c. fresh parsley, minced

¼ tsp. Salt

Hefty dash black pepper

¼ c. olive oil

¼ c. vinegar

1 small clove garlic, grated

Place the rice in the bowl of an instant pot and rinse several times, at least 4 times. Drain all of the water. Add 2 cups and 2 tablespoons of water, 2 tablespoons of vinegar, ½ tsp. Salt, and a pinch of sugar. Set to the rice setting and allow to cook. Allow to natural release for 20 minutes and remove from the pan. Fluff with a fork and set aside. 

Place the minced carrot in a bowl and cover with water. Microwave for 3-4 minutes, or until soft. Drain and set aside. 

Place the vinegar and oil in a bowl. Grate in the garlic clove and add salt and pepper. Add the rice and toss to coat. 

Add the remaining ingredients and toss again. 

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  1. That salad looks scrumptious. Great way to eat a rainbow.

  2. So many flavors!!! It sounds delicious!

  3. What a colourful, filling and easy to make salad. Perfect for picnics.


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