Insalata di riso

On Facebook I saw a discussion about rice. It's a regular thing where they post a single ingredient and everyone posts their favorite thing to do with it. What first came to mind was my recently made risotto, but that's not really anything new, instead I posted burrito bowls with Spanish rice. However, someone else commented with Italian rice salad. Rice salad? What is this potentially foreign sounding salad? I googled it to be sure and it turns out it is a thing.

The salad is a bit of however you like it, certainly customizeable. But the basics are as follows.

1) Long grain rice
2) Olive oil
3) Pickled vegetables and vinegar
4) Other vegetables but for some reason always carrots in the mix

So I settled on the following

Cooked Rice

Lemon Olives
Artichoke hearts
Green onions
Cherry tomatoes
Cooked carrots
Grated hard cheese(optional)

Olive oil
White wine vinegar
Fresh chives


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