Koko Laisa or Champaladu

This week started without any particular plans for anything much interesting on the menu but the 'otai yesterday really inspired me to make it a week of Polynesian cooking. So tonight's snack is koko laisa, a thick chocolate based porridge. Closer to soup than rice pudding. Deliciously sweet without being overly do and with great flavor added by the coconut and orange.

This is also a Chamorro dish called champaladu, their is made without the orange leaf. A simmered chocolate rice porridge.

1 can coconut milk
1 1/4 cans rice
1/2 can sugar
3 - 4 can water
1 c. cocoa powder
1 orange leaf

In a large pan whisk together the coconut milk and the cocoa powder to make sure the cocoa doesn't have any lumps. Add everything else to the pot and cook over medium low heat, stirring often, until the rice is tender. Remove the orange leaf before eating.

The type of rice you use with depend on how much water the porridge needs so keep an eye on it and taste along the way. 

I think this would be really delicious with the nutty flavor of brown rice. I can't vouch for how it works because I haven't tried it yet but when I do I plan on soaking the rice in water for an hour first before starting the recipe. I've found that helps with cooking time and making sure the center gets cooked.


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