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       Welcome to Sunday Funday's Oktoberfest celebration. Oktoberfest was a huge celebration in Munich, Germany in honor of the marriage of the prince of Bavaria to Princess Therese in 1810. Though the original celebration didn't have any beer tents the way the current celebration is enjoyed, they have certainly become an iconic part of the festival. The festival was huge, and the next year rolled around and the locals decided they wanted to do it all again. And so they did. And Oktoberfest was formed.       Wurstsalat is a german tradition that is popular at Oktoberfest, and for good reason. It's delicious and simple and showcases local German products. All types of German sausages are welcome here, a finely ground one is traditional. This dish is very regional, mayo and mustard dressings are prevalent but this version uses a nice vinaigrette. Swiss cheese is also the norm, but Havarti is also a great addition here.       Check out these other great Oktoberfest recipes fr

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