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Romesco con Esparragos - Asparagus with Red Pepper Sauce

      Welcome to this month's Eat the World recipe challenge where we are traveling via frying pan, or in my case mostly blender, to the beautiful country of Spain. I fell in love with Spanish food in Dallas, the same weekend I fell in love with the opera. I was in town for a girl's weekend with plans to attend the opera, and of course, dinner had to be part of the weekend. We ended up going to Cafe Madrid , and it was love at first bite. I knew I had to bring the flavors home and enjoy them regularly. It started with a few dishes here and there, and then a buffet at my house, and then it made its way more regularly into our dinner options.       No party is complete without a little over the top. and I just HAD to have the entire left of Jamon Serrano for my dinners. It was a statement piece and it was delicious. Other dishes were Marcona almonds, Spanish cheeses, and Iberico chorizo. then we had tortilla de patata, pinchinos, gazpacho, Torta de Santiago, olives, espinicas co

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