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Sour Cream Pear Pie

If ever a picture didn't do something justice, it is this pie. What you have is a deliciously sweet and slightly tangy custard base encasing sweet, ripe, pears, topped with a crisp, almost caramel-y sugar topping. And all of that amazing goodness takes just minutes to throw together. The longest part is peeling the pears. But it is so, so, so, worth it.

As a kid, there were three "signature pies" at our house. Key lime pie, which is always amazing, Blueberry Peach Pie, and then last but not least, this pie right here, Sour Cream Pear pie. Improv Cooking challenge posted almost a year ago that this months theme was Pear and Dairy I knew exactly what I was making and have been so excited ever since. Then when Baking Bloggers posted that their theme was pie I got to share the recipe with even more people. It's perfect for Thanksgiving, it's simple and can be made in advance.

While we always had it with pears growing up, in Russian raspberries or blueberries are mor…

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