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Scrippelle 'Mbusse - Italian Crepe Soup Recipe

       Errr, Merry Christmas? So I'm a little late getting this posted but I didn't want to skip it or wait until December to post it again. So here we are, in mid-March, sharing an Italian Christmas recipe. This recipe is delicious, so good in fact that I made it two more times that week after I tested the recipe.       A couple notes about the recipe, the first is that the proper cheese for this recipe is pecorino or parmesan. I had Asiago on hand, and I just really loved the flavor. If you want authentic you need an Italian cheese, if you just want a tasty dish you can use any hard cheese you like.       The second note is that you NEED to use homemade broth. The flavor is quite different from one from a can or from bouillon. although I use both of those frequently, those are great when there are lots of other flavors and such in the broth to enhance it. In this case, the broth itself practically is the dish, and needs to stand on its own.  Scrippelle 'Mbusse Recipe Brot

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