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Stroopwafel Ice Cream Sandwiches

Welcome to Foodie Extravaganza's August Ice cream Sandwich Party. This month we are cooking up all things Ice Cream Sandwich. For this one I went a little non traditional. Normally they are filled with a thick and sticky cinnamon spiced caramel filling and I went my own route and filled them with a cinnamon spiced dulce ice cream. It would be absolutely delicious to drizzle them with the traditional caramel AND the ice cream...but I didn't get that far. 
     The first time I tried it my dough was hard as a rock. So I tried again thinking it was my yeast. Turns out my years is really slow acting but it was also time to get a new recipe. Frustrated I turned to a trusted source at Tara's Multicultural Table and tried again, this time with success. I used mahlab in my dough since I add it to most everything, it adds such a delicious and warming flavor to things. It is however about as authentic as ice cream, which is to say it's not. But if you are inclined I would ad…

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