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Who doesn't love the convenience of a deli roasted chicken? The are delicious, easy, and economical. Typically when we have one for dinner I plan it for two meals. For the first one we eat the chicken as is, or in the case of this one I pulled of just the meat for tacos. For the second meal I boil the remaining frame down in to a nice stock. There is usually enough meat the falls of the bone at that point that to make a nice soup or stew as well. Or in this case a deliciously spice Palestinian dish called maftoul.

Maftoul is the Palestinian word for the little rolled pasta that is the base of this dish. It's similar to pearl or Israeli couscous in terms of shape and they are both flour based but they are not the same product. Maftoul is made from wheat that has been dried and cracked and then hand rolled in more flour to produce that shape. Israeli couscous, or ptitim as it's called in Hebrew, is a pasta that is rolled and cut to form it. But unless you have an entire aft…

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