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Linsensuppe - German Lentil Soup

     Long before I ever formally realized I wanted to pursue international cooking so intently I had always looked around. As a foodie I loved new flavors and new food experiences and looking away from the flavors and cultures I am familiar with provides new ingredients and new techniques and new experiences.       This German Lentil soup is one I have made for years and years, in my early days of looking for the delicious. It a combination of all the lentil soup recipes I have ever tried, perfected to suit my tastes but also accommodating the essence of soup. Use what you have on hand.  Typically I reserve my bacon drippings and cook with that for dishes like this to add flavor and don't start from the bacon strips. From there throw in whatever vegetables in whatever amounts you have on hand. Ham again is an option, you can add it or leave it out, or grab a can of ham from the pantry and add that.  2. brown lentils 8 c. stock (vegetable or chicken) 6 strips bacon 1 onion, chopped

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