See these delicious treats? This is what I do with extra lumpia wrappers, or in this case something I start with. And so simple, perfect to munch on while rolling the dinner ones. Roll the banana in cinnamon sugar, roll in the wrapper and fry. When when they come out and are still hot sprinkle them with even more cinnamon sugar. 

When I was in Dalaguete there was a little stand right outside the private academy where the girls I had been writing to went to school. It was right in front of the water with a rock wall and so beautiful. The area was between the house where we were staying and the hospital where the doctors were working. They stand sold a friend banana, I think it might have been dipped in a batter but i'm not sure. This is a little different but the same caramelized, sweet, cooked banana, taste is exactly the same and reminds me of that beautiful beach and that remote little city I would love to go back to some day.


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