Bomesless, skinless, breast meat
Thigh meat

 I've had these pictures here for a while and never actually written the post; despite it being one of my favorite meals. It's another one that is super simple but in no ways boring or mundane. The flavor is really like nothing else, it requires so little work, and fairly basic, easy to find ingredients.The two that were the most obscure were the coconut vinegar and the annatto.
The first time I made it I couldn't find the coconut vinegar so I made it with white vinegar and loved it. They I found some and I didn't actually like the flavor as much so I use the white vinegar and a tablespoon only of the coconut, mostly to use it up. Also, the coconut smells and tastes exactly like malt vinegar.  The annatto I find in most Asian stores in the little yellow Mama Sitas packets. But I have also started seeing it in the hispanic section with the dried peppers.

One of the changes I made was how it marinades. When it sits in the vinegar all day long it gets kind of weird. Tough and rubbery. So I combine the vinegar and seasonings first so they can mingle and soak, and then sear the chicken and simmer it in the marinate until slightly thickened and the chicken is cooked. Serving with plain rice works but the garlic fried rice is even better.

The recipe comes from a video I found online from some awesome looking ladies in Washington. They even invite you to some one day and cook it with them to learn to make it properly. Which I certainly do not, but it tastes how we want it to taste. I really recommend the video though.

Link to the awesome video


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