Few things are more delicious than Filipino lumpia. The filling is quite similar to an eggroll but the wrapper, oh the wrapper, it makes all the difference. Instead of being solid or hard these are crisp, as in they almost shatter in your mouth. Don't waste money on the frozen ones, they are bland.

I like to start mine off with ground pork. I've tried it with ground beef or chicken as well as with leftover chopped chicken and nothing is as tasty as the pork. And it's super cheap ground, so that's good.  So I season that with garlic, salt, and pepper. Then add celery, cabbage, grated carrots, and onion. Add the onion and celery first. Then saute until tender. Add a pretty good amount of soy sauce to season it. You can add a little fish sauce too, it tastes great if you aren't allergic to it. When you start all this soak some rice noodles. Chop them up into half inch piece when they are malleable. Drain as much of the liquid off of the meat and cabbage as you can and then add in the rice noodles. Cook, stirring until the noodles are soft and the liquid is absorbed, you dont want it to be all soggy on your wrappers. And make sure you get the ones in the blue package, they are the more crisp ones.

A dipping sauce is nice. I like soy, katchup, vinegar, sugar and water in mine. Thicken with a little cornstarch and eat it while it's still hot.

This blue box, these are the ones to buy. 


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