Jigg's Dinner

My dad came across this while traveling in Nova Scotia. He liked it so much he cooked it while I was visiting. The kids loved it. While looking around on google I came across a very similar dish, an Irish boiled dinner. To be fair my version above is a combination of both. I took parts of one, and left off parts, and called it good. 

The typical Jigg's dinner includes the peas and gravy that the Irish boiled dinner does not. It also typically has dumpling on top that I left off this time. They are nice, but much more effort. 

Start in the morning and cook the corned beef in the crock pot covered in water. About an hour before the meat is tender add the vegetables to the pot and cook. Except the cabbage, that cooks much quicker so only add that about 30 minutes before the rest are done cooking. I also didn't core it, do that the wedges held together better in the liquid. 

If making a Jigg's dinner make biscuits and place on top and bake until done. The crock pot is too moist for this so transfer to the oven. 

For my gravy I used boring old brown gravy powder with half water and half liquid from the pot, remove before adding the biscuits. 

Corned beef
Water to cover
1/2 cabbage
Split peas
Brown gravy

Original Picture - Post updated 3/16/2018


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