Jamaican Resturant

So Tinyville where I live might not have a ton in the way of interesting places to eat but there are a few surprising find. Having a Jamaican restaurant here in town is one of those surprises. Good 2 Go is a tiny little hole in the wall looking place I have driven past and ignored for years, sadly. That is years wasted, not eating their delicious food. And the lady working the counter was the nicest person ever.

So I had the brown stew, with peas and rice, and cabbage. The stew was a bit like curry and teriyaki all together. But not in the gross way that sounds, it was actually really good. The rice and beans had a bit of a coconutty flavor and the cabbage was exactly like my mom made. Steamed with some salt and pepper.
I tried to make brown stew on my own once, years ago and was disappointed. I might have to try again now that I have had it.

The jerk chicken was also really good, though I preferred the brown stew.  The plantains were like fried, caramelize bananas.

And last but not least, and I think this was my favorite. The beef patty. It was slightly spicy, not overly seasoned, in a flaky pastry wrapper. This is definitely something I am going to have to figure out how to make.


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