Risotto Milanese

I really liked making the risotto not too long ago. There was something calming about the stirring process, watching between ladles to make sure it had absorbed enough to handle the next ladle. I also made sure to wait to make this until after I roasted another chicken so I had really good stock to work with.

This time we went in a slightly different direction with the flavor, as should be pretty evident by the almost neon orange color. I was looking at Swiss cooking when a recipe for Swiss risotto with saffron popped up on Swiss Chow. I then searched specifically for Swiss Saffron Risotto and lots more came up, including one with a video by A Taste of Switzerland. When I started googling Saffron Risotto though it came up as Italian but with essentially the same recipe. Both looked simple enough. I even had a teeny, tiny, box of saffron. Something I have never cooked with before.

I think I will always be partial the the simple chicken and Parmesan with chives version I made first, but variety is usually welcome at my table.

One problem I have typing out the recipe for this is not a whole lot was measure exactly. And so this is more of a map that a complete recipe.

1 1/2 c. arborio rice
4 c. Homemade chicken broth
2 Tbsp butter
1/2 an onion, finely chopped
Pinch saffron
Dash of white pepper
1/4 c. heavy cream
2 oz. grated hard cheese 

In a large pot bring the broth, saffron, and white pepper to a boil for about a minute and then reduce the heat so it stays at a gentle simmer. 

In a separate pot heat the butter and onions over medium heat and cook until the onion is translucent. Turn the heat to medium high and add the rice, cook, stirring, until the rice is slightly toasted. 

Add one ladle full of the stock and cook, stirring constantly until the liquid is mostly absorbed before adding the next ladle. Stir the entire time it's cooking, adding one ladle full at a time making sure the liquid is mostly absorbed between ladles. 

Once you have used all but about 1 cup of the liquid add the heavy cream to the warm broth pot. Continue with the process of cooking and stirring. Check to make sure the rice is tender.

If the rice is not cooked before you run out of broth continue cooking with water. Just check at the end for salt. Once the rice is tender stir in the cheese. Let sit for 5 minutes and stir again. 

Serve immediately.


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