Fried Green Tomatoes

"Clothes make the man", or so the saying goes. Which is largely not true in it's original form, but is 100% accurate when applied to fried green tomatoes. They are good, but what makes them special is what you serve them with.

Living in Savannah it was something I had heard about frequently but not personally tired all while itching to. They were the epitome of southern food. Breaded, fried, and covered in cheese. There is no possible was this could go wrong for anything except possibly for dietary guidelines.

My first time every eating them was with my sister in Charleston, SC. I had then at Southerly's with smoked tomato jam and pimento cheese. They were amazing. The next day I got them at the Blind Tiger pub and they were served with goat cheese, corn relish, and a green herb sauce. They to were very, very, delicious. Sadly, both places are closed now.

For mine I had to think what I really wanted with mine and it wasn't very hard. Cheese of course, bacon is a no brainier, and then something with herbs. So in the end I went with chevre, bacon jam, and arugula pesto. Which in my opinion was a winning combination.

Green tomatoes, sliced
Lawry's season salt
Couple drops hot sauce

Oil for frying 

Additional tasty toppings to serve

Salt the tomato slices and leave in a colander for a few minutes to draw out the water. Set up three bowls for dipping. Add the flour and some Lawry's to the first one, buttermilk and the hot sauce to the second, and panko to the third.

Dip the tomato slices in tot he flour, making sure the entire surface area is covered. Then dip in the buttermilk and finally the panko. Check again with the panko to make sure the entire surface area is covered, pressing the crumbs in as needed.

Fry in hot oil on both side until browned. Place on a wire rack while frying the rest so as not to absorb the grease. 


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