Reykjavík, Iceland

Am I in Iceland? No. Sadly. However HusbandMan is and sends these pictures to enjoy. As luck would have it David Lebovitz was also there recently and did a post about the bakeries in the area. You can't get more reliable than that. Unfortunately, he didn't have a flight that left before 11 when everything seems to open. But there are a few good shots in here of the landscape.

I have no idea what the white building is in the center, I think it's the wrong shape for the Hallgrimskirkja but that's all that comes up when you google "Triangular white building, Iceland"

Burger joints, they are pretty universal.

 The food he did get to try. That is not a frosted egg yolk pastry. I know because I asked, it's a sweet cheese and it was really good. He also mentioned something about pepperoni an chili mayo.

He tried two different sodas. The Fanta he said tasted like passion fruit and the applesin was a citrus, he said it reminded him of blood orange.  Sadly, he didn't try any skyr.


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