Spring Rolls

I love fried food, perhaps it was being raised in the south, but I really do. However there are times when something light and fresh is called for as well. Especially with the delicious peanut dipping sauce. Which is really my favorite part of spring rolls. The sauce is usually a little thick due to the peanut butter and it god so well with what is essentially a salad in rice paper.  I even ditch the rice noodles in favor of mung bean sprouts in mine, a vegetable I make sure and always have on hand.

I like a variety of vegetables in mine, but most anything fresh is good. The important thing is to include a variety of colors. I mean they'll taste great either way, sure, but the colors are part of the fun.  I see these a lot with a few shrimp artfully arranged to show through the wrapper. But, I don't eat shrimp. So this time we went with chicken. Later, since we enjoyed them so much, I served them for dinner with grilled chicken on the side.

Mine typically consist of 

Purple lettuce
Bean Sprouts
Radish slices
And sometimes green onions

Soak the wraps in warm water until soft, top with whatever fillings you like, and roll up like a burrito.  I like to chop the cilantro and green onions and then slice the lettuce on top of it and then mix the herbs in.

I couldn't say for certain what and the proportions of the sauce, It's all to taste.

Peanut butter
water to thin
soy sauce
lemon juice


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