Beinenstich or Bee Sting Cake

Very few of my posts come with so many pictures. I snap a quick one just as I dive in. Only with this cake we couldn't eat for a few minutes as we were waiting on people so I started taking some pictures. And then, for artistic creativity I cut a slice to take some of the inside. Only then, and this was my downfall, I decided to sneak a taste. The people did not get waited for.

And it was the best cake I have ever eaten. It was perfectly light and moist and just cakey will still very obviously having that yeasty taste bread does but also being very, very, buttery. And it all worked beautifully together.

Topped with a lightly caramelized layer of almonds, the tender cake, and layer of real egg custard. It's definitely a dessert, but definitely the perfect balance of flavor to sugar so as not to be sticky sweet.

Finding recipes on the internet is always a bit of a risk, so I went with a trusted source, Smitten Kitchen. So you can find the recipe there with a few teeny changes.

  • First, in the cake I used 1/3 a cup of sugar instead of 1/4. I have no idea why I decided to do that but I did and I like how it turned out
  • Secondly, none of my ingredients were to room temp so I heated the milk on the stove just until very warm and added the butter and stirred to soften it and then added the eggs while the milk was still warm to warm them as well. 
  • Thirdly, I used a springform pan to bake it in so I didn't have to invert it
  • And lastly, in the custard I used two whole eggs instead of three yolks. The custard isn't as rich but it is smooth and I don't have egg whites to use later. To make up for a bit of the richness I used half 38% fat cream and half milk instead of all milk.


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