Cherry Clafoutis

A long, long, time ago, what feels like years but was actually less than one I think. I had that culture club, and one month was France. The friend hosting it mentioned clafoutis. I can't even remember if she had made it, or considered it, or what. But I remembered seeing a picture of it once, having a vague idea what it was but not being overly familiar. So I looked it up again and thought it looked like it might be kind of dense. And I was not wasting fresh cherries on a dense custard thing.

But then I realized that David Lebovitz recipe for this,and if he posted about it, it was probably worth trying. At least once. So at the store I saw a very cute little container of cherries and decided it sounded like a great breakfast item. So I did. And it was really fast to get in the oven but then took 45 minutes to bake. Which was perfect, it gave me time to clean the kitchen afterwards. Haha, just kidding. It did however give me time to get dinner started on the stove so all it needed was reheating at dinner time.

My initial though after tasting was that it wasn't too bad, but probably not something I would make often. The kids however devoured it and requested it again.


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