Mastering the Art of French Cooking - Julia Child

This has been a really fun birthday week for me. One of the many wonderful gifts I was given was Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Something that until I watched Julie & Julia a few weeks ago I wasn't even aware I wanted. When the movie first came out I ignored it, however Netflix here is pretty limited, it was only 8:30 at night, and all the laundry and dishes were done. I was bored. There was no crime to be solved or gun being fired so it really wasn't my type movie, but I didn't hate it. And it reminded me that I haven't really looked in to much of French cooking. Sure I have my quiche recipe down to a science, and I buy almond croissants anywhere I can find them. But that and a few other iconic dishes are about it. 

I read some reviews online that described the book as "too fussy", "long winded", and "out of date with the modern cook". One writer even said it was all hype over the movie again but there "wasn't a single usable recipe in the book for a modern cook"

I beg to differ. If your idea of fancy is real cheese on your Hamburger Helper than maybe, maybe you won't use it. But I will. I will use it frequently. I've spend the day since it arrived just reading through it. It is way more than a list of ingredients and steps. It's written like Julia is there talking to you, like you have your own French master there helping you, but written in a way that it totally unpretentious. Like she wants you to be able to do this, and do it well. She isn't just a master chef, but a master teacher as well. 

The next step naturally was to look up some videos from "The French Chef" to watch. One of the original cooking shows before the Food Network took over and ruined food TV. 

The back, or front, or somewhere, I can't remember where, calls Maangchi "Julia Childs Korean cousin". Something that seemed nice but I had no real frame of reference for beyond knowing Julia Child was famous for teaching others to cook, exactly like Maangchi does. I can certainly see the resemblance. Both are not only wonder chefs, but passionate about their topic and wonderful teachers. 

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