Root Beer Float

This classic all-American treat is a favorite in my house. And it's really simple, some root beer, some vanilla ice cream, and a cup. That's really it, but as something of a connoisseur I have a couple tips I've found along the way.

My first one is make sure both ingredients are good. Cheap root bear or lame vanilla will not be as tasty. That one is a no brainer really, but my second tip is to chill the root beer overnight, obviously, warm soda is nasty, but then stick the bottle in the freezer for an hour before using. It will be all frosty when you pour it over the ice cream. If you like it foamy place two scoops of ice cream in a glass and pour away. If not, pour the root beer in first and then plunk the ice cream in.

And my last tip, my favorite root beer that comes in a 2 liter is Big K, the Kroger store brand. I like it better than any of the other name brand 2 liters, it's less sticky sweet. Artisanal root beer is another one of my weird obsessions hobbies, taste testing, not making, but for floats I like the basic stuff.

Root Beer, chilled
Vanilla ice cream

Place one in the glass and then the other. Whichever order you choose is up to you. 



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