This was really fun to make, and so simple. I loved watching it drip and the liquid was straining out. Once it was gone it was so much smaller and thicker. Serve with an olive oil that is good to eat and top with za'atar. When buying za'atar make sure it is made with hyssop and not substituted with thyme and oregano.

36 oz. plain whole fat yogurt
1 tsp salt. 
linen cloth
String or zip tie

Pita Wedges

Stir together the salt and the yogurt. Place cloth and lift all the sides of the cloth up around the yogurt. Tie shut with string or hold shut and use the zip tie to close and attach to a cabinet handle. 

And that is pretty much it. Leave it for 12 hours. I had mine over the sink but if not you will want a bowl beneath it to collect the liquid. 

Store in an airtight container in the fridge. 

To serve spread in a dish and top with olive oil and herbs or za'atar and pita and vegetbales to dip in to.

Serve with olive oil and za'atar or chopped fresh herbs. 


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