Znoud el Sit

I can't get enough of middle eastern desserts, I love the floral flavors and the sugar syrup. This recipe is a Lebanese treat popular during the month of Ramadan. The crisp and flaky outside encases a delicious creamy interior. All finished off with pistachios. The flaky bites are easy to roll and even easier to eat in two bites.

16 sheet phyllo dough
Butter flavored cooking spray
6 oz. mascarpone cheese
6 oz. whipped cream cheese
1 Tbsp. honey
1/4 c. sugar
1/4 c. water 
1 Tbsp. elderflower cordial
Chopped pistachios
Oil to fry

Combine the sugar and water. Simmer just until the sugar is dissolved and bring to a boil. As soon as it boils remove from the stove and add the elderflower cordial. Place in the fridge until chilled. This is best done the night before. 

Place the oil over medium heat to start heating. Heat to 375 degrees. 

Meanwhile mix together the whipped cream cheese, mascarpone, and honey. Set aside

Cut the phyllo dough in to thirds lengthwise so you have long strips. Lay out one strip and then a second one in the middle of the first at a 90 degree angle so you have a T shape. Spray both strips with the cooking spray. Place a tablespoon of of the cream mixture on to the spot there the two strips meet. Pull the piece with two sides out over the top of the filling to hold them in place. Roll the filling and two sides that are pulled in down the remaining strip of phyllo.

Set aside while you finish all 24 of the rolls. 

Place in to the oil, you can have more than one at a time but don't crowd the pan too much. Once they are a dark golden color remove from the pan to a wire rack. 

Once they are all cooked place on  plate and drizzle with the sugar syrup and top with crushed pistachios. 



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