Paris Brest with Mousseline Cream

With French cooking still at the forefront of my mind I saw this pastry, somewhere. I don't even remember where, all I remember was it was online. Facebook maybe? So then I started looking for good recipes. Choux paste, the pastry used for the ring, and also for cream puff, eclairs, crullers, and gougère I have worked with before. It looks impressive, but is actually fairly easy to work with. It's also fast to make and get in the oven. There it takes a while to bake but it's all hands off, leaving you free to do something else. 

Because I like to be efficient, and have less going on at one time, I made the pralin paste the night before and the custard in the morning. Then I just had the ring to make before dinner. While it was cooling I make the mousseline filling. 

Speaking of good recipes, I found one on "Road to Pastry", which looks like a wonderful resource for other French basics.


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