A friend from Paraguay once made me some cookies. It was after I started this blog, but before I thought about posting things I hadn't made myself. And thus I didn't photograph them. Or maybe it was because I ate them all too fast. Who could say?

They were delicious little things, smaller than the ones pictured. Very light and crumbly, somewhere between shortbread and a sugar cookie, with sweet delicious dulce de leche holding them together, and then rolled in desiccated coconut.

So when I started walking around here I was delighted to see them everywhere, piled on the counters of most bakeries. The looked the same.

Cookies? Check
Dulce? Check
Coconut? Check

No. No that step got over looked

Proof that homemade is always better. These had all of the look and none of the taste. It was sad and disappointing, but also saved me from eating more cookies than I should.


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