Spanish Tapas Style - Shishito Peppers

     Shishito peppers have been my holy grail for a while now. For years they were hard to find in small towns. So recently when I saw them at a grocery store I grabbed a bag. And then started seeing them all over the place and have continued to grab a bag here and there because we enjoy them so much with dinner. 

So why had I been looking for them for so long? One day while looking for additional Spanish tapas recipes I say them and was intrigued. I love Spanish tapas, the variety of small bites that are all so delicious. Some musts I always include are manchego cheese, olives, and marcona almonds. from there Pork is also a must. Either sliced imberico, chorizo a la sidra, or rolled flamenquin

     Other delicious and iconic are the layered potato dish called Tortilla. Spanish tortilla is very different from the rolled flatbread tortilla that well known in the US. Gazpacho, marinated carrots, and albondigas are all great too. But my absolute favorite is espinicas con garbanzo, balanced mix of creamy and spiced all at once. 

     That is one thing I love about tapas, so many great ideas that can be mixed and matched and enjoyed with some alcohol free sangria

Shishito peppers
2 Tbsp. olive oil
Fleur de sel or other flaky salt

Look through the peppers and make sure there are no bad spots.

Heat the olive oil in a large skillet until very hot but not smoking. Leave for 30 seconds or until browned on the bottom. Turn the peppers and cook on the other side. Cook until browned. 

Remove from the pan and sprinkle generously with the flaky salt. 

Serve immediately. 


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