About a year ago I was able to enjoy a few days in Switzerland. It was quiet with beautiful views,  full of good food and gorgeous architecture. In short, I loved it. The view above is from Kyburg castle looking out in the town around it. 

This view I right in the heart of Zurich. We visited Grossmünster first and then Fraumünster before spending the day wandering the city.

The door doors of Grossmünster.

And of course I couldn't go to Switzerland without stuffing myself silly on cheese and chocolate.

Another view of Zurich, the spires to the right are Grossmünster.

Luxemburgli are also a must.

More shots of wandering Zurich.

We really spent the whole time living off cheese, chocolate, and sausage.

We took the train to a little town and then transferred to a bus to get to Kyburg castle. I can't remember the name of the ton but there was a bit of a wait and so we wandered around a bit and took the shot above there.

And last but not least the walls of Kyburg castle. 


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