Kahumbari was a delicious and refreshing addition to my Kenyan food night. I happen to love chopped salads, especially when the involve tomatoes.

I noticed when I was looking around there are a lot of variations to kachumbari, but a few basics for all of them. Tomatoes to start and lemon or lime juice for acid. From there most involved either cucumbers or avocados and then wilted red onions. I really loved the trick with the red onions. Because this can be made any way you like it I am only providing a rough outline and not a traditional recipe.

Red onion, sliced
Salt, lots
Tomatoes, sliced or chopped
Cucumber or avocado, chopped
Salt an Pepper to taste

Slice the red onions very thin and cover with a LOT of salt. Way more than you would actually eat. Let them sit like that for five minutes while you slice the other vegetables. 

Slice the tomatoes and chop the cucumber or avocado. 

Rinse the onions really well and squeeze dry. Add to the vegetables. Squeeze the lime over the top and stir to combine. Add salt and pepper to taste and enjoy!!


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