For years I have been buying bagged spatzle. The kind you boil like any other pasta. The German restaurant in town I mentioned yesterday though makes their own and it's worlds different. I won't say the bagged kind is nasty next to it, it's not at all. But it's not even close to as good either.

One thing I learned while making this yesterday. The dough has to be just right. Too thick and the pasta will clump together coming out but too thin and it runs out and you get mushy little wisps.

Several of the recipe I have looked at, and having eaten them around places they saute them after boiling so they crisp up some. Don't skip this part, it's what makes them more interesting. I mean come on, what isn't better sauteed in butter?

I used

3 cups of white flour
6 eggs
3/4 cup of milk
1 tsp. salt
generous amount of pepper and nutmeg

Whisk together the milk and eggs until they are well blended. Add the seasonings and the salt to the flour mix. Slowly combine the liquid and the flour. You can tell if it will need more liquid or flour and then mix it until mostly smooth. It doesn't have to be completely smooth though.

Slowly add it to boiling salted water. When they float to the top let them cook another minute and remove with a slotted spoon. Either put them all in a bowl, draining once more before using or add them to a hot pan with butter to saute them.

To add them I borrowed a spatzle maker from a friend. The kind you add the dough to and press. It looked like you could use anything with medium holes in it, a cheese grater, a colander, a steamer basket, etc...

In this picture the golden color comes from the paprika gravy served with it.


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