5 lb. russet potatoes
1 Tbsp. butter, divided
1/4  - 1/2 c. Buttermilk or heavy whipping cream
1 small bunch kale
3 - 4 cloves Garlic, minced very fine
3 - 4 Green onions, sliced
1 leek, white part only, sliced thin (optional)

Start a large pot of salted water boiling. Meanwhile peel and chop the potatoes in to large cubes. Place in the water and boil until tender. 

Meanwhile in a large skillet melt half of the butter. Remove the thick vein from the kale and chop. Add to the skillet with the butter, garlic, and leeks, if using. Saute until the leeks and kale are tender. Remove from the heat and set aside. 

When the potatoes are very tender drain the water and place in a mixer with the remaining butter and green onions. Whip until broken up and mostly smooth. Add the buttermilk or cream and keep beating until very smooth. Add the kale mixture and mix in by hand. Do not over mix at this point or the kale will color the potatoes slightly green. 

Taste for salt and pepper and adjust according to taste. 

Serve immediately. 


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