Calamansi Pie

I will admit, that picture looks really bland. It's a citrus pie, which doesn't ever actually look all that amazing. That's why with most citrus thing there are extra flourishes in the picture, a lemon to the side, some zest, and lots of colorful plates. But we all know that's not my style. 

So calamansi is a Filipino citrus. A little green citrus with a bright yellow orange center. It tastes funny too, the inside is really tart but the zest is not. The make a drink called, wait for it, clamansi drink. That's a bit like orange or lemonade. I persoanlly think they taste like a mix of orange, lemon, and lime with a little vanilla mixed in. It's one of my favorite citrus'.

Finding them around here has proven impossible so far, but the Filipino store had the next best thing, pure frozen calamansi. When you open the bag it's little packets, like ketchup packets. But it works. 

I used  recipe I saw online while researching Filipino cooking from  blog called Asian in America


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