Walkers Shortbread

Who doesn't love cookies? We have these every year as part of our New Years Eve Hogmanay celebration. New YEars Eve we celebrate our Scottish heritage, and the next day we celebrate with Canadian food. Scottish is easy since I have it on both my parents sides and my husband has it on at least one of his sides. So we have it all around. My dad used to eat these when I was growing up sometimes, but I only remember the cookies coming in the bar shape. I love that these come with the traditional thistle design, they match my necklace? And what isn't trendier than having your necklace match a cookie?

I like these because they are rich and buttery without being overly sweet. The ingredients list is simple as well, flour, butter, sugar, and salt. That's it, nothing weird. I'd bet they aren't organic but I laugh every time I see organic desserts. Organic fat combined with sugar is still, well, fat and sugar.


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