Poutine is one of my favorite things to eat, ever.  I will admit, when HusbandMan first told me about poutine I was skeptical, it just all seemed too much. And, well, honestly it is a bit much, but a delicious bit, that I love quite a lot. I honestly have no idea why poutine has not caught on in more parts of the United States. In the northern parts of the US they have them in a few place, under the odd moniker "Disco Fries", but in large they aren't a thing here. It's such a shame. 

We like this for late night snacks and on New Years day with tourtiere and maple sugar pie to remember the Canadian heritage on one side of the family.

Two bits of advice from my poutine expert husband who lived in Canada for several years. The first is to make sure that the gravy is hot and ready the second the fries come out of the oil or the oven. Top them right away so the curds melt. The second is to eat it right away before it cools down and congeals.

French Fries, 1 medium sized serving per person

Cheese curds, 1/4 c. per person

St Huberts, or brown gravy, 1/4 c. per person

Place the fries in a dish with a bit of a side, not a plate. Top with a generous amount of cheese curds and the hot gravy. Eat right away. 

That is the basics, fries, curds, and gravy. And of course there are tons of ways to change it up and do something new. I happen to really like chives on mine for a minor little addition.


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