My husband is gone so I get to talk to myself more than normal right now. I also get to talk about Filipino food more than the other since that is the country I have actually been to and sampled the food from. One of the cookies I really enjoyed while I was there was otap, a very sweet flaky cookies that come two in a pack wrapped in tissue paper.

While they are everywhere in the Philippines they are, or at least were, hard to find in this country. Even the Asian markets didn't carry them often. I had looked all up and down the east coast, going out of my way to hit markets when traveling and not even Amazon had them. And then I went in to a little tiny market in my little tiny po'dunk town and low and behold. Otap! I was so happy, and then I called my mom a few weeks later and she told me that Wal-mart where she is even carries it now.

I have tried otap in three flavors so far. Original, ube, and buko pandan, a traditional and slightly coconutty flavor. While I do love both ube and buko pandan I didn't enjoy them in my otap. I prefer the original.

Original Pictures - Post updated 4/1/2018


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