Neeps and Tatties

Neeps and tatties are very iconic Scottish fair. The two work beautifully together in both color and flavor and go great with roast meats and veggies.

2.5 lb boiling potatoes
2 large turnips
8 tsbp. butter
1/2 c. milk

Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil.

Peel the turnip and cut in to quarters. Place in the pot with the salted water. 

Peel the potatoes, or leave on for thin skinned potatoes. Cut in half if really large. Place in the water with the turnips and keep simmering until the vegetables are tender. 

Mash the turnips with butter and salt to taste. Place the potatoes in a mixer with the butter and milk and beat until smooth. Add salt to taste and more milk as needed to make them fluffy.

Serve with haggis or roast beef.


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