I had company for dinner and we had a ton of mashed potatoes leftover. I looked, and looked for creative ways to use them up. I have been eyeing Scottish potato scones, and lots of the northern European countries have a potato pancake like thing, but they all also use grated potato. So then I found this recipe and was pretty curious about them. They looked simple and I didn't have anything Norwegian in the archives yet so I tried it. I kept looking and it seems like it's pretty consistently made thought all three Scandinavian countries. They are both simple and delicious. I was a little worried about my potatoes since I used red potatoes I didn't peel them but it wasn't a problem at all. 

After looking at a million recipes online I came to the conclusion that a little milk and butter in the potatoes is a good thing unlike gnocchi or tourtiere. And then use about half as much flour as potatoes. Roll it out thin cook over fairly high heat in a nonstick pan.

The finished product was a lot like naan in flavor, but thinner. We ate ours with peanut butter and apple sauce. I think they would be really good as a wrap, esp with falafel. Or garlic and butter.


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