Hotteok 호떡

Holidays, or any extended period of time that isn't taken up with every day things I like to experiment. Not typically whole meals mind you, but with snack foods, side dishes, and little touches that are the fun finds with other cultures. This is one of those things. When I think of Korean food I think of lots of vegetables, uncharted spices and seasonings, and food that while delicious is to be looked at before eating. I don't know I will like everything that goes in to it. And mostly I think "foreign". So what I would never have though was a little fried cinnamon filled pastry. That's practically comfort food (though bibimbap is now too).

This was surprisingly simple to make, and with ingredients I regularly have on hand, thanks to Maangchi. A site I plan to use more often, I esp. can't wait to try their bulgogi.

Something I noted while making this, make sure the oil is hot, but not too hot. My second batch the oil was too hot and it scorched the bottom of the pancake but the inside was still doughy and the sugar wasn't melted. It was so sad, as wasted 호떡.


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