Russian Activity

The art museum in Savannah is having a Russian art display soon, the decorative arts of the Romanov dynasty. Piggy backing on that we are having a Russian cultural activity with some other homeschoolers. Food will be included. 

I started by reading a brief bit about Russia, it's history and some fun facts from Activity Village. The I had a few library books about Russia that I gave to the older kids with a map. The got to color/ fill in the map by drawing on where the capitol is, landmarks, and  natural resources.

A fun cultural thing Russia is known for is the "matryoshka" or nesting doll.

We also watched the videos on Activity Village at the bottom of the page of both country and formal Russian Dancing

And of course there was food there to eat as well. I went really simple with this since kids were involved. As much as my kids and I love borscht, I know other people aren't always as adventurous. The main was was a box of Russian candy I ordered from Amazon. It came with a variety of little treats to try.

I loved the look of this chocolate.


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