Nigerian Rice Stew

When I was younger my mom was one of my Girl Scout leaders, she found a really awesome troop for us. We did all kind of fun outdoor things. It is probably one of the best, out of a lot of great ones, memories of my childhood. Girl Scouts with my mom and younger sister. It's where I met one of my best friends at the time, Allison. One of the really cool activities we did was the Internationals Festival. I loved it. Each troop picked a country to learn about. Then on the day of the festival we had a table with displays, a presentation, and of course food. I'm not sure the connection, but Allisons mom knew of a Nigerian lady that was in the area, she came to our house one night and made this rice dish for our troop. It was delicious. My younger sister dug out the recipe for me and sent me the picture. I youtube how to open up a coconut, it was so much fun. Now that I am older and have more experience with food, it did remind me somewhat of jambalaya in flavor.


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