Trollkrem - Norwegian Lingonberry Dessert

    Greetings! Godt Nyttar!! Welcome to the New Years' edition of Sunday Funday! Today we are posting about New Year's traditions that are an ode to our family traditions. Here at the Pandemonium household, we are all about trying new things and making new traditions. So when I did a DNA test and it came back with Norweigen we started looking into incorporating some new traditions. 
    Trollkrem is a Norwegian dessert typically served on New Year. The use of egg whites as the base means you have a dessert that is the lightest thing you will ever eat. It's light, and airy, and completely dreamy. It's like nothing I have ever eaten before, I'll admit that most whipped desserts I am familiar with are lightened with whipped cream. Which is delicious in some cases, but the whipped cream has its own richness. And that is something that egg whites don't have, meaning you are left with a magical lingonberry dessert cloud. 

     Another thing I absolutely loved about this dessert is that it isn't terribly sweet at all. You can add some sugar to the egg whites as they are beating but it will change the texture some. Egg whites with sugar are a little denser, they have a texture that is slightly more like marshmallows. 

     This recipe absolutely works with whole eggs that have been separated. However since this was being served to a crowd, and because it was easier, I used a carton of pasteurized egg whites. Either is fine, just make sure when using whole eggs they are fresh and that the final product doesn't sit out after beating or before serving. 

Check out what everyone else in the group enjoys for New Years'!

Trollkrem Recipe
12 oz. lingonberry jam
3/4 c. pasteurized egg whites
1 tsp. vanilla extract

Rub the inside of of a mixing bowl and the beater with lemon juice making sure the bowl and beaters are completely dry afterwards. 

Combine the egg whites and jam in the bowl and beat. And beat. And then keep beating. All total it took about 15 minutes of beating for it to go from burgundy and liquid to pink, and light and fluffy. About halfway through add the vanilla and keep beating until you have a light, fluffy dessert that should be at least five time bigger than what you started with.  


  1. How fun that you made a recipe based on your DNA results. Love that idea.

  2. Ciao complimenti per il tuo bellissimo blog!!!

  3. Just tried this recipe. Can't wait to try again for a family get together 🥰


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