Colombian Mazorca Desgranada

     It's Improv Cooking Challenge time and this month the challenge is to create something with Corn and Cheese! The hardest part this month was narrowing down which recipe to cook for this. In the end I decided on a Colombian recipe for a street snack. It's a quick dish that is full of a lot of flavor and great as a lunch, a snack or delicious side dish.

     This recipe has a few basics and then you can customize it as you wish. The base of the dish is corn, so that needs to be left alone. From there you need sauce, potatoes, cheese, and usually some kind of meat. An umami rich meat is used here. I opted for bacon, but chicken, esp fried chicken, is also great. For the sauce there are a few options, I've listed those below. I used a bottle of garlic mayo but aji verde will always be one of my favorite sauces. Probably top five. 

     I made this recipe in advance for this event and had access to fresh corn. Now it's September and fresh corn has gone away. Without fresh corn substitute with 2 (12 oz) bags of frozen corn. Run them under hot water in a colander until no longer frozen. 

September Improv Cooking Challenge

Corn and Cheese

Mazorca Desgranada Recipe
12 ears corn
6 green onions, sliced
1 (24 oz.) pkg. bacon, cooked OR 1 c. chopped chicken
1 1/2 oz. mozzarella cheese or queso blanco
1 c. crushed potato chips
6 Tbsp. garlic mayo, aji verde, fry sauce, or tartar sauce
Chopped fresh cilantro

Bring a large pot or water to a boil. Shuck the corn and remove as much of the silk as you can. Boil for 4 - 5 minutes, just until cooked. Remove from the water and set aside until cook enough to handle. 

Cut the corn from the cob. Place 2 ears worth of kernels in individual bowls. Add 1 of the green onions and season with salt and pepper to taste. Mix to combine. 

Top each bowl with cooked bacon, cheese, garlic mayo, fresh cilantro, and crushed potato chips. Serve immediately. 


  1. This sounds absolutely delicious and a great side dish for when those socially distanced poolside gatherings turn into socially distanced gatherings around the bonfire.

  2. Ohhh I need this in my life - it looks delicious!


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