Parisian Hot Chocolate

In France hot chocolate is a thick affair. None of the thin stuff or cocoa powder. Almost ganache like, certainly as rich even if, thankfully, not quite as thick. One think I particularly loved though was hot chocolate to me is usually bland. It's more sugar and milk than actual chocolate. I used a 70% cocoa bar and loved how chocolaty it came out. 

This recipe is from David Lebovitz with a few adaptions. I had to add a bit more chocolate to mine, I'm assuming because I didn't use the highest of quality, though it should be made from chocolate you would be happy just eating as is. 

1 c. milk
4 oz. chocolate 
2 tsp. brown sugar (optional)

Heat the milk until steaming but not boiling. Remove from the heat and whisk in the chocolate. Keep whisking until the chocolate is melted. If it doesn't appear thick enough return to the stove and cook a few minutes more, whisking constantly. Do not let it boil. I found at this stage the rubber scrapper was better than the whisk to make sure none of the chocolate stuck to the bottom and scorched. 

Taste and add brown sugar as needed. 

Serve immediately. 


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