Japanese Cucumber Salad


     As I was cleaning out the fridge I noticed that I had a half a head of cabbage that needed to be used up. So when I ran across this recipe a few hours later I knew I was making it. It's simple and delicious. It's also typically made with sliced seaweed added but again with the allergies, use if you can. 

1/4 head cabbage
1/3 English cucumber
1 red chili
1 tsp. salt

Sliced the cucumber thin and chop the cabbage into 1 inch cubes. In a bag combine the cabbage, cucumber, chili, and salt. Rub the cabbage until starting to soften. 

Seal the bag and place in a baking dish. Place a heavy weight on the top and leave overnight. 

Remove the cabbage from the liquid and place in a serving dish. Serve with soy sauce. 


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