Scotch Eggs

Few foods can really be traced to any one particular place and scotch eggs are no different. Tales abound claiming they were started in Fortnum & Mason's department store in London, or possibly a pub in Whitby, while a third claims it is an and English version of nargisi kofta. I doubt we will ever know. What we will know however is how to make this delicious treat. That was my goal this holiday break, to try this delicious pub food in my kitchen since I missed getting any while in London.

It's really kind of brilliant in it's deliciousness. You have an egg, wrapped in sausage, rolled in crumbs and fried. Dipping sauce isn't really traditional but the horseradish sauce I made goes with everything so i had some with that.

1 lb breakfast sausage
7 small eggs
1/4 c. flour
2 Tbsp water
2 Drops hot sauce
pinch of salt
1/3 c. breadcrumbs

Oil for frying

Place 6 of the eggs in a small pot and cover with cold water. Cook over medium heat just until boiling. Boil 50 second and cover the pot while removing from the heat. Let them stand like that for 20 minutes. Drain and rinse with cold water. This cooks the eggs all the way through without leaving a gray ring around the yolk. 

When they eggs are cool enough to handle peel them and set aside. This is also a good time to start heating the oil to fry them in at the end.

Split the sausage in to six equal pieces and flatten each one as thin as possible without any holes. Wrap the sausage around the egg, pressing to make sure it's sealed. 

Stir together the remaining egg, salt, water, and hot sauce. 

Roll the eggs in flour, then the egg mixture and finally the breadcrumbs. When the oil is nice and hot add the sausage covered eggs. The oil needs to be deep enough to cover the eggs. I turned mine halfway through cooking when the bottom was a nice golden color. 

Everything I read said they are served cold but I didn't wait to eat them and liked the warm sausage. Esp with the horseradish sauce.


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