Ghanaian Side Salad

As I've been focusing on updating both my pictures and my recipes I've been taking new pictures for old posts. Yesterday for dinner was Jollof rice with roasted chicken legs and a Ghanaian side salad. Not so different from what I am familiar with for a side salad but the baked beans were new. And they actually worked in there, esp with the tangy homemade salad cream. Sliced eggs are also a must.

Salad cream is not an ingredient I was not overly familiar with, the closest was I had seen it on the shelf at Tiv Tams, but never tasted it. So I youtubed a recipe and it was a sweetened, vinegary, mayo. So like the dressing I use on broccoli and tomato salad, which I love. I've included the recipe for that here. From there it is just a list of ingredients layered in a bowl.

Salad greens
Sliced egg
Red onion
Baked Beans

Salad cream
1/4 c. mayo
2 tsp honey
2 tsp. apple cider vinegar

Place the greens in the bottom of a serving bowl and layer the other ingredients on top. Drizzle with the salad cream and serve immediately. 

Salad cream
Whisk all together and taste for seasoning. 


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