Korean Cream Bread

Everyone has that one friend, the goofy and silly and most compassionate one. Their favorite. Well mine is what got me over my intimidation with Korean cooking.  I seriously had no idea where to start with it, and thus avoided it. 

Obviously I got over that, and have loved what Maangchi has helped me make. But to do that you have to get Korean ingredients, and those are best acquired at a Korean grocery store. They do carry some of the basics at the grocery stores here, mostly gochujang. But I just like to support the community I am representing with the dish. And to be honest they are a lot of fun, and you will see a lot of new things. My friend though is visiting and I wanted to give her a tour of my favorite shop. And at the register she picked up one of these. And then put it back so I bought it myself. Anyway, these are fun. The bun tasted like a sweet bread, but was a little dry. The inside is a frosting like cream filling with a bit of a citrus taste. I liked them, as with most things, I wish I had tried them sooner.


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