Some of my favorite dining experiences involve outdoor seating, I like watching the world go by as you quietly wait for something delicious to arrive. I also like enjoying the good weather while eating. That however is in short supply here in the south, weather good enough to enjoy. Today was one of those days, it was a family outing that started with lunch at a local cafe. Three of Us Bread and Bites is owned by a Brazilian family. They have a few Brazilian tidbits on the menu, including these. They are something I had seen on the internet for years, they come up often when looking at Brazilian food. They are simple, and yet also tedious looking so I had them on my grand list of things I wanted to make, but not high up on that list. I was happy to find them somewhere to try.

The coxinha, pronounced "ch-chee-nuh" were good, but I'm not a huge fan of the tapioca flour dough used for the outside that is common in Brazilian cooking. I think it's a little gummy. Other than that though I enjoyed these, they are shredded chicken, wrapped in dough, rolled in crumbs, and fried. Fried is always good. I think they are something I would eat again, I would love to try other versions.


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