Australian Aboriginal Art

The minute I heard Savannah had Australian Aboriginal art I made plans to go. Savannah might be famous, but it's not actually that large. Their art scene however is pretty good for a town this size. There is usually a fun gallery or display somewhere. 

The gallery was small, but with a fairly large number of pieces and variety. Every color and hue was represented at least somewhere but they all had the iconic dots in common. I wanted to take pictures, but gallery, so no. The lady there however did gift a small piece to each of my children.

There was one canvas that stood out to me. It was dark in color, a lot of navy blue and black with white dots. The shapes it formed were large triangles. My husband described it as the rain coming up from the ground and swirly around during a hurricane. I could definitely see that but it looked to calm to bring that to my mind first. I saw a night at the beach where they waves come up to your feet and extend to the horizon, the horizon you can't see in the dark and instead turns in to the night sky with stars twinkly down peacefully. Someday I hope I can find that painting again and claim it.


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