Picture updated on 2/29/17  - I even figured out I was using the wrong noodles

So I have this friend that is really awesome. The kind of friend that's really family. So we met in a little town in the south but then one of us (the one of us that was not me!) left. MOVED AWAY! How rude is that? It was a trying time in my life full of sadness and having to take naps on my own sofa instead of hers. Well one of the cool places she got to enjoy was Korea. I could tell she loved it from the way she talked about everything there. Well a friend of hers came to visit where I live and we went to a Korea restaurant to try it out. I'd never had Korean food and I was excited. My excitement was an appropriate response, the food was fantastic. We had a variety of things, including mandu which I liked a lot, but also something called Japchae, which they pounce "top-tay". So that's what I tried to make in my own kitchen.

I won't post the recipe since it need refining, the flavor was pretty good but the noodles I used i'm not as skilled at preparing as I should be.

In case you are wondering the noodles start out a dark brownish color. I found mine at the Korean market in Savannah GA. They also have what translates to "Home Run Boys". They are little mini cream puffs. They have a sweet cheese filling and chocolate. You can probably guess the chocolate are my favorite. And for added viewing pleasure I added a picture at the bottom of other goodies. Some I can find in this country, others I cannot. The candies were good, very similar to Hi-chews, which we love in our house. They are dye free too so a great treat that we can all eat. The white and chocolate cookie sticks were amazing too. Perfectly sweet and a really airy-crisp texture. My favorite though were the maples ones. They of course are the ones I can't find in this country, if I ever do though; I'm buying them all.


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