Chapman Mocktail


     This refreshing drink is called a chapman cocktail and is exceptionally popular in Nigeria.  The drink is refreshing, and fruity, with just the right amount of tangy for the perfect summer drink. It is usually referred to as a mocktail but does contain a splash or two of Angostura Bitters, which are alcoholic. Even at that low levels it's not my thing so I left that out but was looking in to what they are to substitute them with something. The recipe for the bitters is a closely guarded secret of course but they are described as bitter, fruity, with raisin, citrus and allspice notes. I tried creating my own mixture for those flavor the first time I made it and didn't feel it really added a whole lot. But then I ran across some san Pellegrino Chinotto soda and realized I was tasting bitter, and allspice, and citrus, and caramelized fruit, and suspect that is as close a sub as I am going to get. So I tried it, add more or less to your liking but it is a fun addition to the drink. I can't drink a whole lot of the chinotto on it's own so i froze it in 2 tablespoon portions to use in future Chapmans. 

5 c. Orange Soda
5 c. Lemon lime soda
3/4 c. black currant juice
2 Tbsp. grenadine
2-3 Tbsp. lemon juice
1 orange, chopped
2 limes
1/2 c. sliced cucumbers
2 Tbsp. Chinotto Soda (san Pellegrino) 

Juice one of the limes and slice the other. 

Combine everything in a pitcher over ice. Serve immediately. 


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