David Lebovitz Mustard Chicken from My Paris Kitchen

I've blogged before but I can't say I'm really good at it. What I am good at though is eating. And sometimes cooking. Not the dishes though. Too bad those all go hand-in-hand. So anyway, I like to cook because I like to try a lot of different food and flavors and I'm a do it myself kind of person. It's my way of exploring new places when I can't actually get there. I also really love watching my kids enjoying something new I've created. They're fairly young on are way better at eating than what most people associate with young kids.

We are going to start this thing off in style, with one of my favorite food bloggers, David Lebovitz. My sister introduced me to him first, she handed me a new book she had bought while I was visiting one time called "My Paris Kitchen" and mentioned she liked his books because the tone in conversational and the stories endearing. And they are. So you get a glimpse of the man writing and get to know him as well as his cooking style. And he seems like a pretty cool guy. Then we went to New York one fall and stop one was a book signing, so pretty cool right there. I have a pretty cool sister.

On to the recipe, I like bacon, I like mustard, so this recipe is perfect! And really what I mean with that is I LOVE bacon and mustard, but also onions and cream, you know, I'm all over this one. When I read a recipe I mostly look at the ingredients. I do read the directions but mostly to see if there is anything new or interesting. Then I put them together in whatever order, using whatever method I really want to. It's what works for me. With this one though, since I'm not in the mood to type out the entire recipe Pandemonium style I will just link to the original recipe and share my pictures and a couple minor changes. I would prefer dark meat with the skin and bones, it does have a better flavor, but boneless skinless chicken breasts are the cheapest at my regular store here in my tiny town so that's what I'm going with. I also don't cook with alcohol so I subbed that with chicken stock and a drizzle of honey and cider vinegar. And last but not least, I used a cup and a half of cream.

I don't' actually have my own copy of My Paris kitchen yet so I'm not 100% sure what he serves it with. I am completely sure of a couple things though 1) whatever it is, it's really good 2) It's not spaetzle and 3) I don't care, I love spaetzle.

 You should always have a bottle of this in the fridge.

Mmmm, dinner.


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