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Chocolate Tiramisu

     Tiramisu, an iconic Italian dessert.  It's a treat that is synonymous with decadence. It's also synonymous with coffee and alcohol, neither of which I consume. And so since I didn't think I could do it justice I decided to just leave it alone. But I don't leave anything alone. And so I finally got around to trying it. I even googled recipes on how other people might have tried it. I ran across a post from a The Stay at Home Chef , she had lived in Italy and also didn't eat either for cultural reasons. And she pointed out that in Italy there are groups that make it with chocolate, so I felt a little better about trying it my way.       There are two things that are issues. The first is the coffee in the base, the ladyfingers need to be dipped in something to soften them up and add some flavor. For this, I went with some Kaffree Roma, a coffee substitute with a dark, roasted, flavor. I decided to supplement that with cocoa powder. Not the kind you use for hot cho

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