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Romanian Green Bean Soup

I've seen news articles and lots of threads about food bloggers and how they write. The particular topic right now that seems to be of much debate is should food bloggers include lengthy posts with their recipes? I understand the frustration of scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling to get what you are really after, the recipe. Some recipes are buried pretty deep. However, I feel like stories and explanations help the reader get to know the author. You get a chance to learn where they are from, why they cook the way they do, and gain an appreciation for the blogger behind the recipe.

Once such blog I have gained an appreciation for is The Bossy Kitchen. There are quite a few recipes on my list to try, but what really stood out out me were the Romanian ones. Like this one for Transylvanian Bacon Green Bean Soup. I've learned to love vinegar in my soup and anything with bacon and garlic usually has me interested.

Add more or less green beans, however many you want. I wanted a …

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