Eiweissgeback mit Schweizer Schokolade

So I'm not even 100% sure what to call these since the packaging is in German, the English just calls them "cookies", "sweets" or "treats". There is a teeny, tiny, about two foot wide, section of my local Krogers that has all of their non Italian on Asian foreign foods. It's where I used to get my mustard until they stopped carrying it. But on the top of the shelf, right next to the wine gummies that look revolting, if I am very lucky they have these little gems. They are a meringue disk, topped with a chocolate hazelnut meringue, topped with more meringue. Drizzled with more meringue, just kidding, they also add some chocolate in there. Both on top and on the sides, presumably to keep the layers together. They are crisp, airy, and sweet, balanced with dark chocolate. Thankfully it's good chocolate too. Just be prepared to share them, or them them all at once yourself, they don't hold up long once they are opened. The meringue starts to get soft in less than an hour.


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